Vivian Anastacio-Guerrero
The Power of Employment

Nowadays, being employed and having a much akin work is way too better than any fulfillment. Aside from self-fulfillment, an employment definitely brings food onto the table, absolutely makes a person perform what he loves and truly grow in his chosen career. Enough said that job acquisition carries a person and put him in to something.

Everything starts in scratch, parallel to an aphorism of “from rugs to riches”. It simply meant that in order to attain something big, comings and goings will approach and everything will be tested. Similar to the Temps and Staffers, Inc. (TSI) of Vivian Anastacio-Guerrero, a manpower recruitment and consultancy firm which performs business excellence as well as lives on its enterprise virtues. Without a doubt, proper business handling makes them thrive and exist for more than twenty years.

Temps and Staffers, Inc. is also governed by a stern yet the best personnel for your company needs, staffing company’s organization from the beginning. In addition, the foundation of the company behold to its solid corporate values and no wonder of its recognitions in business world. Thus, the manpower services they offer are second to none.

Definitely, Temps and Staffers, Inc. unleash nothing but the best manpower service.

Vivian Anastacio-Guerrero


The Accidental Chairperson

Estrellita Anastacio has always believed that there is a purpose for everything and that fate would see her through in every trying situation.
Fate did just that as Ester, as Anastacio is popularly called, has been able to make Servicio Filipino Inc. (SFI) an industry pillar 50 years after its founding.
SFI, now a conglomerate that addresses the manpower needs of various industries, was put up in 1961 by Ester’s husband, lawyer Dante Anastacio.
It was then known as Kleen Rite Services, a venture birthed by Anastacio’s desire to help unemployed Filipinos and contribute to the country’s economy.
The name was later changed to Servicio Filipino Inc., an apt expression of the founder’s vision to serve the Filipino society.
Ester’s husband could have chosen to climb the corporate ladder as he was working for a big insurance company back then. But he believed in the potential of his new company. His faith was not misplaced.
What started as a provider of janitorial and custodial services 50 years ago has now grown into one of the country’s leading human resources companies and its subsidiary companies such as Temps and Staffers, Inc. managed by her daughter, Vivian Anastacio-Guerrero.

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